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Sell your Outboard Engine or Boat Motor

Selling A Outboard Engine Online

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The best place to sell boat engines online is right here at! Its free to advertise any type of boat motors, inboards, or outboard engines. Your boat motor will get immediate exposure to millions of potential outboard/boat engine buyers. welcomes "Outboard For Sale By Owner" advertisers- brokers, traders, and dealer advertisers alike. Advertising is fast, free, and effective. Sell a outboard engine quickly and easily.

Tips on how to sell a outboard engine or boat motor -

  • Pictures, upload plenty of pictures of the outboard engine or boat motor that you are trying to sell. An abundance of pictures with all the different aspects of your boat engine, will help generate interest to potential buyers.
  • With unlimited text you can create a detailed description of your outboard engine. Describe the as many of the features and specifications of your boat motor. The more information you include, the better. Complete description will help your listing rank well in the search engines, potentially generating more traffic to your boat engine listing.
  • Describe the condition, year, and horsepower of your ooutboard engine. Let potential buyers now if it is a new, like new, or used outboard.
  • Include details on the outboard engine such as hours used and condition of the foot and propeller of the engine. Describe any included equipment such gas tanks, control boxes, hydraulic steering, jack plates, etc.
  • Details such as shaft length, propeller type, starting type, four-stroke or two stroke, etc. - should be described in great detail. This helps the buyer, as well as helps your listing get more exposure in the search engines for your outboard.
  • When selling an outboard engine or boat motor- let potential buyers, know any potential problems so their are no surprises to interested parties.
  • Research the value of the outboard, and set a realistic price to sell the boat motor in what you consider to be a reasonable time frame.
  • Answer any inquiries from your free classified boat motor ad promptly.
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Be safe when selling your boat motor or outboard engine -

It is important to use caution when selling an outboard engine online. Here are a few selling tips to keep in mind when you are preparing to sell your boat motor to a prospective buyer or trader.
  • Beware of buyers that are willing to buy your outboard, without seeing it first.
  • Always insist on cash when selling your outboard engine or boat motor. Cash is the simplest and safest for both parties.
  • Beware of accepting checks from a buyer. It can take banks up to a few weeks to notify you, that you have deposited a fake check.
  • Never send a portion of the money back to the buyer, shipping agent, or any other person when selling your outboard engine.
  • Never release the outboard engine or boat motor to the buyer before you receive complete payment.
  • Do not transfer the title or paperwork before you have received complete payment.
  • Further tips and suggestions for buying and selling outboard engines or boat motors can be found here -

Who Can Sell Boat Motors on -

Anybody who lives in the United States can advertise their outboard engines on We welcome any type of seller - Outboard Dealers, Outboard and Boat Motor Traders, Outboard Brokers, and private sellers with "For Sale By Owner" outboard eninge listings. Signing up and placing a classified outboard ad is quick and easy, and you will sell your boat motor fast. All engines listed on our site must be in the United States. We reserve the right to remove any listing posted for any reason. Please review our Terms of Service before placing a Outboard Engine advertisement.

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